Change the shape

Top dentures are usually bulky, they cover the whole palate.

Covering the whole palate, means you do not get to taste food and feel the temperature of the food.

Using four implants on the top jaw, enables us to trim the part of the denture that covers the palate. This way, you get to enjoy food.

Sometimes two implants can be enough.

Making dentures more comfortable

One of the main purpose of overdentures is making dentures more comfortable. One aspect of that is getting rid of the palate part of top dentures.

Top dentures are generally comfortable and very will tolerated. However the main issue is the part that covers the palate.

This part makes the food seem tasteless at times. It is also hard to judge the temperature of the food.

Overdentures enables us to make the top denture a U-shaped. The parts the hold the denture enable denture retention without that part.

The number of implants needed is between four to six.


Overdentures allow you to enjoy food and make your top dentures smaller.