Why removable?

The concept of an overdenture means you will still have a removable denture. Why not do something fixed?

People who lose all their teeth find the idea of having implant-retained denture very appealing. The idea gets more appealing if they were told, the new teeth will be fixed to your jaw, which means, you cannot take them out. However, that poses another question, Should I take them out?

In reality, any prosthesis will trap food remnants, and teeth screwed into the jaw with implants are no exception.

If you have a set of fake teeth (dentures), would not you prefer to be able to clean them and get rid of whatever gets stuck underneath?

I think, your answer, is probably yes. Hence, it is better to have removable dentures rather than fixed ones.

In overdnetures, we place four or six implants. These implants will make the denture comfortable, and do not move at all, but by the end of the day, you can take them out, and clean them. This will save you from inflamed gums, bad breath, and bad taste.


Overdentures are better than fixed options, like All-on-4